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I knew there was a problem with the products I was using around the house and on my skin when the smell would trigger a migraine. I can remember growing up being pretty sensitive to strong smells. At the time I didn’t realize it was my body trying to tell me something. I can remember years ago on an episode of Oprah one of her guests mentioned not to use dryer sheets on your towels because it will cause them to be less absorbent. I remember thinking good, because I can’t use those stinky things anyways. Just wearing my clothes was causing headaches! Walking into other peoples homes would trigger a migraine because of their fragrance plugins, yuck! I remember hearing Dr. Oz…yes also on Oprah, mention these could cause fertility issues!

I naturally started purging and avoiding these things in my home out of necessity. It wasn’t till 2011 when I started eating healthier and discovered the Paleo Diet. I delved into any and everything I could get my hands on about nutrition and clean eating. I learned so much about what we eat and the effect it has on our health when it comes to our hormones, fertility, mood, and skin issues. Buying organic and reading every ingredient on every product became second nature, which isn’t too difficult when you are buying primarily whole foods anyways. I also started looking into buying better skin, makeup, and hygiene products. I learned that we absorbed 64% of what we put on our skin! The problem I was running into with these products is it was so overwhelming and I didn’t know who or what to trust, major greenwashing going on. Not to mention most of these “natural” and “organic” products STINK! Speaking of Stink, have you seen the movie? It’s eye-opening and pretty scary. It’s available for rent in Amazon for $3.99.

So, I started hearing all my favorites in the Paleo community talking about Beautycounter. I heard it mentioned here and there and moms in my crunchy mama groups raving about it. I was still in a bit of a postpartum fog so I didn’t look into it too much. But then…the Target launch came! Everything sold out so quickly so I just patiently stalked each new stocking. I finally got my hands on the charcoal mask and I was in LOVE! I eventually ordered the charcoal bar too since I wasn’t able to get it in store. I just loved how clean and effective the products were. It wasn’t till about another six months I tried more products. I had them on my mind the whole time. I really wanted to try the makeup as that seems to be the toughest to safely replace. So I tried the Tint Skin Foundation and was blown away by how natural and light it felt. And knowing for once I can feel good about the foundation I was using was safe did it for me.

Here’s why it took me a year to jump on with Beautycounter, I was anti-network marketing. My Facebook feed had been flooded with other network marketing companies and I just felt like I was being spammed to death. Some of the claims and photography tricks really turned me off. The reason I changed my mind and outlook on network marketing is that I realized it is a growing business market, with online businesses and social media booming. If you can find a company you resonate with it’s an easy and affordable entryway into running and marketing your own business. Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. It’s a one stop shop for the whole family. The fact that Beautycounter is totally transparent with third party testing and advocating in D.C. for safer products for us all, I knew I wanted to be a part of that movement. We are still a relatively young company with few consultants and I knew the time to jump on was NOW. Beautycounter is not an mlm and runs more like an affiliate program, BUT I love that it always has the team building opportunity too. Connecting and working with other mama’s to help educate as many as we can for the future of our children. The times are a changin, and I want to be a part of that change. Take a look around and please contact me if you have any questions. Check out Beautycounter’s blog Asterisk, lots of great info there.

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