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PoshmarkSo I’m a Poshmark seller now 😃 I originally signed up this time last year to sell a couple items I had. I sold a camera bag pretty quickly, but then just kind of forgot about my closet. Then the other day out of nowhere a vintage dress I listed last year sold! It reminded me how I was interested in reselling then, but didn’t pursue it simply because I had my son who was a handful and a bit exhausting 👶🏻😂 I had no desire to try to go thrifting (sourcing) with a toddler in tow, although I knew it was something I’d enjoy. I grew up thrifting and yard selling with my mom, so it was definitely passed down to me. I guess I just kind of lost interest in my teens and 20’s. Fast forward to now and after that random sell, it reignited my desire to become a reseller! I was like “Hold on, I have part-time childcare now. I can do this!” So I am 😎 The fact that I’m now primarily a stay at home mom and can save money on nice clothing AND make money selling it, all while having fun doing it was a no brainer! Interested? Check it out and save $5 when you sign up using my code “LUELSTHRIFT

Now I’m still VERY much a newbie and fitting it in with everything else I have going on. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s fun! I’ve been out a couple times with my sister (who also loves thrifting…thanks mom) and a couple times on my own. I’ve been most successful with NWT (new with tags) items. When sourcing be sure to thoroughly look over your items for stains, wear and tear, missing buttons, and working zippers! And of course research the item to see what it sells for. When listing write a very thorough description with measurements. The more thorough and clear you are, the fewer questions you’ll get and less likely to receive a complaint or return.

Poshmark Reseller


A few more easy tips from this newbie:

  • Definitely get a light kit like this LimoStudio I’ve been using. It’s so worth it and makes a huge difference in the aesthetics of your photos. But also the accuracy, color, and detail of your item. If you can’t do a light kit yet just use an area in your house that has the most natural light. Take your images by bright windows at the time of day that shows your clothing at its best. In time take the money you’ve made and reinvest in your business and get a light kit. Then you can take photos in any room, in any lighting with your items looking their best.
  • Cute poly mailers. Ok, these can be a bit of a splurge if you’re just starting out and on a serious budget, but first impressions are everything! These are pretty reasonably priced and if you’re really into this as a business that you have pride in (and like me enjoy visually pleasing packaging) this is the way to go. Check out these cute flamingo poly mailers Perfect for upcoming Spring and Summer 😍
  • But don’t worry about fancy poly mailers if you’re on a serious budget. Did you know that USPS will send you free shipping boxes?!?!? You can load up on priority boxes for free and just wrap your product up nicely in tissue paper and a thank you card and you’re on your way! Another tip is to keep the item in a large ziplock or bread bag after photographing. This will keep your item organized and clean. Then just toss it into the box and you’re ready to go! This also keeps the item protected from getting wet or damaged if anything happens to the bag or box. Order your free USPS boxes here.
  • So this isn’t that necessary for Poshmark as their shipping is already included for anything up to five pounds, but if you decide to cross sell on Ebay, a scale is a must! I LOVE this affordable and cute rose gold scale on Amazon.

There are so many part-time resellers making a full-time living selling on Poshmark alone. Their app makes it so easy to do anywhere, anytime. Unlike eBay, Poshmark has a social aspect to it. It’s like eBay meets Instagram. It’s fun connecting with other Poshmark resellers and helping each other out. With Poshmark you’ll be most successful when you share, follow, and share some more! Follow other sellers and share items from their closet. But also share your closet regularly too. Make it a daily routine. If you have an item that is stagnant you can reduce its price and it will alert those who liked your item. You also have the option for shoppers to bundle items from your closet for a discount. This reduces the price for them, but also keeps it in one easy shipment and shipping cost. Win win for you both, as you sold multiple items and save time sending to one place. Also with stagnant pieces you can simply take new photos to freshen up your closet. I’ve heard others have sold clothing within hours after doing this. Poshmark also has prepaid labels you simply download and print. I just love how easy Poshmark makes everything! Keep in mind that Poshmark keeps 20% commission of your sold price. This covers the shipping costs and their fees. Keep this in mind when sourcing, listing, and selling.

Also, don’t forget to read through the tips Poshmark has on their site and in the app. So much great info to help you out as you get started. They also have a blog with lots of good tips as well👌🏻

Don’t forget to check out my closet and save $5 on your first purchase! Use code “LUELSTHRIFT” Did I mention how much I love shopping on Poshmark? It’s so easy, affordable, and great pieces in “like new” condition. And sometimes they are new! You can use your earnings to shop, or simply transfer to your checking account. Your money transfers quickly.

Anymore questions? Feel free to write me 😊 Good luck and have fun!

FYI, Luel is my sisters middle name. Named after my grandmothers nickname ❤️

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